Thanks for stopping by! I launched Nomidate in 2012 as a dating app that enabled singletons and happily coupled-up pals alike to play matchmaker for their single Facebook friends. I founded Nomidate because I wondered why everyone was dating strangers online when there was an untapped pool of single people just beyond our reach.  If it were super easy and fun, I hoped that Nomidate would encourage friends to set people up with their fabulous friends!

Like any promising but ultimately unsuccessful relationship before it, I went from spending every day with Nomidate (gleefully approving logos and selecting the site’s signature background colors) to only seeing its flaws (like the error messages that popped up after Facebook updated its privacy settings).  Thanks a lot, Zuck!  Luckily, after pulling Nomidate from the App Store, I’m relieved to see people still seem to be finding each other and going on dates without it (phew!).

In the spirit of the postmodern phenomenon that those who can’t do, post an online comment…I’ve turned Nomidate into a (drumroll, please) BLOG!  My favorite thing about Nomidate has been tweeting and posting about the latest dating trends while maintaining a sense of humor and optimism in this wild world of modern dating.  Hope you’ll enjoy this new Nomidate or it’ll at least give you something to scroll through while you’re waiting for your Uber/Lyft/Via or (better yet!) blind date to arrive!